What people are saying about us

“Chander has been working with my firm for over 7 years. He is truly a gem. I am was impressed with his unique background of IT, marketing and business knowledge. He has implemented his ideas in my firm, which have helped my practice tremendously.  If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend you setup a meeting with Chander. He goes above and beyond. If you want someone who understands business, has compassion, and is willing to listen to you and your needs, then pick up the phone and him right away. He does not dismiss your ideas; he listens and has discussions to make sure you are making informed decisions about your business. He always has a positive attitude an thinks outside the box to make things happen.”
“Chander has kindly jumped in to help me name my company. In about 10 minutes he skilfully asked all the right questions to help me come up with the perfect name, tagline, and even shared strategic considerations and recommendations for broader applications like domain, email and marketing. Plus he offered mentorship for any odd question I may have. I’m impressed and humbled.”   We are also given credit on the company credits page through our partner company. 
–Céline Guyonnaud
“Chander Rellan has been a great asset to my business. He is hard working. Just as his website states, he follows the simple strategy of troubeshooting issues and works till the end to find the right solution. He is honest and up front. He has solved my IT problems and he has helped me from an operations perspective building my processes so that I can run my business more effectively.
I would recommend him in heartbeat. If you want to grow your business, you need the right processes in place and he showed me the importance of this.
The bottom line is Chander Rellan finds solutions. His honesty is that he will tell you up front if he does not know the answer, however he will come back with the answer. To his credit he is dedicated in learning to find solutions.
In the past I have used other people, nobody was able to solve my issues. For me it was hard to find somebody who truly took the time to understand my objectives, Chander Rellan was the that guy. He took the time to listen and most importantly was patient when helping me as I am not very good with technology. I can now move my business forward.
I highly recommend him.”
— S.M.

“Chander is an experienced and skilled IT professional. He has always been able to solve my IT issues quickly, including configuring my cell phone for my work email on multiple occasions. I would recommend him to anybody.”
— Tidal Basin Law

“Chander has quick, incisive marketing skills. I’ve received solid advice from him about improving my business’s brand. Anybody looking to take their business to the next level should really pick up the phone and call him. He understands how to make marketing work for small businesses and how to keep ahead of the competition.” — KI

“Chander Rellan is one of the most intelligent minded business individuals you will meet, his advice is truly superb, with it i was able to grow my business and establish certain practices, that have helped my business in the long run. Mr Chander is an individual who will check on you to make sure you are on the right path constantly, this shows that he cares about you and your business succeeding. His wealth of Knowledge is very valuable, and in the amount of time, i have known him i can honestly say it is an honor to know Mr Chander Rellan.” — Omofolahanmi Owoyemi

“Chander Rellan has acted as a business mentor to my growing real estate lending company in Washington DC. He has helped put many things in perspective while starting up. I especially appreciate his holistic and creative approach to marketing and writing of a strong business plan. I plan to continue growing my business under the council and guidance of Chander.” — Saman Zomorodi, Founder of Zed Design Development

“Chander is a highly capable individual with great business accumen. He takes charge and shows full committment to work. I have work with Mr. Chander on various projects and business ventures. He ensured in all our ventures that we were successfull. ”  — Khurram Qureshi

“Chander volunteered his services to the Sunshine Foundation to help produce materials for our 2010 Holiday Gala. He was a pleasure to work with and created quality materials and graphics that matched the overall feel of the event. Thank you Chander for your expertise and support!” — Richard Mergo

“My firm needed business development and organization. Chander used social media and conventional marketing to expand my client base. His attention to detail and expertise were quite useful and I highly recommend his service.” — Christopher Daniels Esq.

“Chander Rellan Jr. is a take-charge person who is able to present Marketing and Business Development ideas and communicate it’s benefits and implement them.  He is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization, as it’s Marketing and Business Development Consultant. — Sourei Animation Studio.