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How We Can Help You

Located in the Washington DC Metro Area, our team of advisors have decades of experience in consulting with businesses. We are involved in the small business eco-system as a partner and marketing vendor to multiple start-ups.

Business Advisory Services

We aim to support your business by giving you an outside perspective of your business. We help you to identify strengths and overcome weaknesses in specific areas. We help you evaluate your business.

Software and Web Development

Our team has decades of experience in developing quality websites and software development. We have built many MVP platforms for our clients.

Marketing Solutions

Creating awareness about your brand and business helps grow and attract new customers. We provide solutions that will help you grown your business. Everything begins with requirements and strategy session so we can understand your business goals.


What is your brand story? The branding helps identify your business' products or services and distinguish it from others. Branding not only makes a memorable impression on consumers, it also allows your clients to know what to expect from your company.


There has to be some level of compromise. At the same time, you should get most of what you want in the negotiations. What's your ace card? What's your leverage? Always be prepared with the research necessary to be able to hold your position.

Project Management

In order to meet a projects demands, budget and requirements, one must be organized and manage resources. Our experts have an understanding of the 5 stages of project management.

Paralegal Services

Typically, a paralegal works with lawyers in performing a variety of tasks which include maintaining and organizing files, drafting documents and conducting legal research. We assist our clients in many ways by providing them with information to help them make informed decisions. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.

What Clients Say

"Chander has quick, incisive marketing skills. I've received solid advice from him about improving my business’s brand. Anybody looking to take their business to the next level should really pick up the phone and call him. He understands how to make marketing work for small businesses and how to keep ahead of the competition." -- KI