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Our Services


Marketing Consultation

The biggest mistake companies make is they invest in marketing strategies and then don’t properly track the results. We believe that if you invest, you need to know the ROI. We start by doing an analysis. Our unique process will help you determine how and where your marketing dollars have gone. Did the company benefit from the investment, or did it just throw away the money?

Marketing Solutions

Our entire focus is to develop not just one solution but multiple solutions. One solution may work better than another. However, if we are able to track the ROI on all solutions, we can know where we can diversify the solutions. The goal is to maximize how far your dollars go.


We work with you to understand your brand’s message, and how you want to be perceived by your target audience. We work with you in developing your logo and other creative. We have established processes that make sure the client’s branding in line with the client’s message.


Do you know what it takes to close the sale? “ABC – Always Be Closing” – Glengary Glen Ross. We help organizations understand and create their sales pitch. We help companies reduce their sales cycle.

Software Development

We help organizations with their software requirements. Apps and game development, everything from story boarding/sketching, character design to 2D/3D animation. We provide UI/UX design and end to end product development.

Business Development

We can implement the marketing solutions we create, or we can oversee the process while your in-house team implements the solutions.

Staffing and Recruiting

We pride ourselves on customer service. We recognize the importance of employers’ needs to find qualified employees who fit not only the job requirements, but the company culture as well.

We take the time to understand our clients’ requirements and expected outcome.  In doing so, we take the time to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant and how they would fit within the clients’ working culture.

Reputation Management (RM)

How do your clients see you? What do your reviews say about you? We make sure your reputation is always seen positively.

Project Management

We oversee your entire project from conception to completion.


We have developed a 5 step strategy on how to negotiate. A few examples of things we have helped clients negotiate are: pay rates, leasing studio space for artists, and real estate transactions. We are not licensed real estate brokers/agents.

Paralegal Services

We have years of experience in the legal field. We help our clients from everything from intake, document preparation, all the way to trial preparation. We also handle operations and marketing.