Our Team

Chander Rellan Jr.

Mr. Rellan brings over 15 years of expertise in business operations, marketing and business development. His career began in IT. He ventured off to running his own business in 2005. With much research and thought, he ventured out into the hospitality industry, more specifically, hotels. He owned and operated hotels for a few years. He accepts challenges with open arms and started his journey into the wonderful world of hospitality. As time went by, utilizing his extensive trouble-shooting/problem-solving skills, He brainstormed an idea for a software ideal for property management that would assist in increasing revenue and decreasing cost, as well as, promoting effective communication among the staff.

It is during his years in IT and business, dealing with challenges, and overcoming the impossible, that he realized his true strength: Business Development. His vast knowledge and first-hand experience with the ups and downs of business, brings a dynamic go-to attitude to the table to tackle any task at hand; from setting up and building a business structure, managing staff/operations, developing marketing strategies, to growing the business and nurturing lasting business relationships. He holds a B.S. degree in Computer Science, a minor in Economics, and a Paralegal Certification

Mr. Rellan holds a unique skill set. He understands IT, marketing and business. All of which of are important to building any business.

He isĀ also deeply involved in the startup ecosystem and is partnered with many companies across many industries.


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