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Thankful for Failures

I am thankful for all of the failures in business,   all of the people who have said no and the people who have told me things cannot be done. Not many people will start off by saying this, I say this proudly because the failures in business have lead me to become successful in personal and business life today.  I’ve met many arrogant people in the course of business dealings. I’ve also learnt how to deal with different personalities.  Arrogance vs confidence learning this is very important in business. Arrogance is I know it all and I will continue to do things my way, whereas confidence is I am aware of what I can do and I am good at what I do and knowing that learning is constant. Adapting to changing trends is very important.

I want to be able to portray some insight to others that may be useful and helpful for them to take their business and themselves to the next level and ultimately reach their goals. Every week we will post a new blog that hopefully will be thought provoking and begin to get people to see things in a different way.

We will discuss all things from marketing strategies, to negotiations skills I recently helped a client receive a 33% pay increase that’s just unheard of. Patience and hard work can move mountains.  We will even have a blog in a few weeks which include a list of books that I believe everybody should read. These books are good for both business and personal growth.

Learning not to put too much trust in anyone and learning how to read people and understanding different personalities has helped me to overcome and learn. It’s never about falling down it’s always about getting back up. I also learn from reading books and hearing others experiences, this was motivation.  However the biggest motivation was my family and faith.

So I took time to figure out how to get back to basics and building the right foundation and I trained myself to understand that building a basic foundation was the first step to getting back on track and that led me to starting up a consulting firm and finding clients, showing them that they too can succeed with a basic foundation. I also became a certified paralegal and some of my biggest clients are attorneys.

Marketing vs Sales

Business is a roller coaster, you will have the high moments and in between you will some down moments.  You will not win over every potential client you go after.  I have worked with people in all professions from attorneys to graphic designers and there is a common theme.  That common theme is that consumers and businesses look at a portfolio. In the case of an attorney they look cases won, area expertise and legal knowledge. In the case of a graphic designer they look at a traditional portfolio of work to determine if the person is going to be a good fit.

Therefore as a marketing person you can create a strategy for any business. However can still have expertise in a particular niche market, you could do marketing for primarily attorneys, or you could do marketing primarily for government contractors, or you could do marketing primarily for software companies.  Each business area has some things that are unique to that however at the end of the day there are more similarities when it comes to marketing.

Having said this most business owners fail to understand is their limitations and the importance of sales and marketing. The other thing they don’t truly understand is the difference between the two.  This is one of the biggest similarities, because every business needs to be able to market their brand and selling their brand will generate the business to keep the doors open.

If you see the chart below you will see the differences.

Marketing Sales
Defines the target market for your product or services Generates revenue from the target market
Content developed to reach people People are contacting prospective clients
You are trying to reach the people to make them aware you exist You want to reach out the people. How can we help you?
Passive Active
Brand Awareness. How are your perceived in the community Making sure that the perception is good in the community by talking and defusing the bad.
Setting your competitive advantage. Price and features of products Problems needs and opportunities
Branding Direct client contact
Support of sales – branding materials, flyers, brochures etc… Working to make sure client is satisfied.
Creating interest in the community. Finding the right places to send the Sales team to network etc… Going to places where the niche market and potential clients should be. Scoping new projects

I get it most people think they are the best at what they do, what good is what they do, if nobody knows they exist.

The biggest thing clients complain about is not being able to get a hold of you when they need you. While this is often true I return all client inquiries within 24 hours. Customer service and client relations are very important because the clients are the life of your business and they are an extension of your business which can produce referral business.   This is part of understanding the difference between marketing and sales. You cannot have one without the other. You should value each client and each potential client.